Heyan Техника

Профессиональный производитель высокоточный станок дисковой резки

ключевые слова: Heyan Высокоточное оборудование, Heyan Высокоточное оборудование, 6 "Высокоточный станок дисковой резки, 8 " Высокоточный станок дисковой резки, 10 " Высокоточный станок дисковой резки...

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  • Ceramic sucker

Ceramic sucker

Ceramic sucker

параметр продукции

Ceramic sucker,provided by Shenyang Heyan Precision Equipment Co., Ltd. Please contact us for details.

преимущества компании

Technical advantages

Self-owned intellectual property control software with complete functions; Advanced precision control technology and quality control system; Domestic leading image recognition technology (positioning, blade mark, edge finding); Dicing machine proprietary technology deep research (NCS, BBD); Rich application process research and accumulation.

Cost advantage

Large shipments ensure that our company has great advantages in procurement costs; Every year, the company invests a lot of manpower and resources in R&D and innovation in the field of dicing machines, and has obtained many patents.

Delivery advantage

The company has production capacity of more than 50 units per month, stocking in advance, shortening the delivery period to strive for business opportunities for customers; High consistency of equipments, strict control and capacity guarantee

Service advantages

The company has 4 product sales and service centers in Chengdu, Suzhou, Dongguan and Xiamen, providing technical support to customers in real time, covering most of the country. Provide timely and accurate answers within 12 hours when receiving after-sales service requirements from customers, and arrive at the customer's site within 48 hours when necessary...